John ZimmerJohn and Jamie Zimmer, missionaries in the Pacific Republic of Palau, had the following to say about our dental field team’s recent ministry with them:

The ministry of church planting is a team effort in the truest sense of the word.  It requires a team of prayer warriors, a team of financial supporters and a team of people who will get in there and get their hands dirty.  Dr. Jack Mitchell and Grace Dental Mission partnered with us after our first year in the Republic of Palau as church planters.  Their labor of love and selfless commitment…opened doors for the Gospel to be proclaimed and helped us to quickly build trust in the lives of the Palauans.   We thank God for Grace Dental Mission and those who have made it possible for them to serve.”

Paul ZimmerPaul and Sherry Zimmer, missionaries in the Micronesian island nation of Yap, had the following to say about our dental field team’s recent ministry with them:

We want to thank you and Grace Dental Mission for coming out to Yap to assist us in our church planting efforts in Yap, Micronesia.  We praise the Lord for how He used your mission team to help us to reach people we had previously been unable to reach.  The culture of Yap is such that we are not able to go into villages or to people’s homes without an invitation.  The Grace Dental Mission team was the very thing God used to bring the people to us and we were able to reach them with the Gospel before and after being seen by Dr. Jack.  There was a real and lasting spiritual momentum in our ministry as a result of your trip.  The evident change in the lives of those who began following Christ while you were here has since resulted in the salvation of several entire families. Praise the Lord!

Walter and Carol LoescherWalter and Carol Loescher, Cameroon, GFA:  Here is what Walter had to say about GDMMissions helping him bring the Gospel to villages in Cameroon:

“Grace Dental Mission has been very much used to assist us in the ministry and to encourage us in the Lord.   The nationals with whom you had contact appreciated your kind, competent, and compassionate testimony.  Thank you for your contribution to the work here.  We appreciate the sacrifice of time, energy,  and expense involved with such an undertaking.  We are grateful to be your co- workers in the ministry and look forward to working together with you folks in the future.”

Mark and Carol Mavar are GFA Missions in Panama and hosted a GDMMissions dental clinic in their church that ministered to over 200 patients in one week.  Their daughter Hope was visiting on summer break from BJU and assisted during that time.  This is from a recent e-mail from Mark:

“Sunday morning comes and I continued to pray for visitors, specifically visitors from the dental clinic. The week before no one came, in fact, we only had one visitor overall that came on a Wednesday and she expressed no interest in returning.  Service started as usual with Sunday school and most of our SS people were there.  As class progressed, I noticed some shuffling behind me, thinking that it was some of our folks coming late I turned around to see who it was.  Much to my surprise, it was the woman whom I had [mentally] written off the evening before, there she was!  After SS I went over and spoke to her and she was very kind and seemed happy to be with us.  She came with her grand-daughter. As we advanced to the Sunday morning service more of our regulars came and then I noticed more shuffling behind me, it was the man whom I had written off the evening before, he came with two of his grand-children.  What a rebuke I received of the Lord.  The two people that I determined in my very finite wisdom would not be returning, returned!  But it did not stop there, we had even more visitors!  When it was all said and done, there were 5 who came back from the clinic and 3 other visitors.  I prayed for visitors and they came.  Please continue to pray for these visitors and for fruit to spring out from the dental clinic.”

Steve and Becky DiemSteve and Becky Diem are serving in Argentina with BMW.  In July 2009 Steve took a week off from language training in Costa Rica to minister with GDMMissions in Panama.  This comment is from their August 2009 prayer letter:

“God really was able to use Steve to share the gospel with many people [in Panama] while they were waiting in line to have their teeth worked on. The fruit of this we will only know when we reach eternity. His heart was refreshed and encouraged when he returned. He was able to preach in Spanish at their Wednesday night prayer meeting service as well. Praise be to God for the opportunities he had, and may all the glory go to Him!”

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